Why is Whetstone Sharpening the Best?

Whetstone sharpening is a sharpening technique for knives, shears and blades designed to keep your blades sharp which will extend their life for years. It is easily better than using an electric sharpening because of the precision and gentle touch that the sharpener is exerting on your blades. Every swipe of the blade on the sharpening stone requires an experienced hand to exert the right amount of pressure and speed. A one-size-fits-all solution like an electric sharpener just can’t provide this accuracy. The difference between a freehand whetstone sharpener is the difference between gently cutting the finest hairs on your head to roughly butchering a tomato.

Keep Your Knives and Shears Longer

Freehand whetstone sharpening will extend the life of your knives and shears by years. Any time blades are sharpened, it wears down the actual blade. A whetstone sharpening is done by hand and ensures that the least amount of blade is worn down. On the other hand, an electric sharpener is rough and uncalculated and will wear down the blade drastically and result in a shorter lifespan.

Sharp butcher knife lying on butcher block with vegetables. Whetstone sharpening.

Keep Your Knives and Shears Sharper

Have you ever tried to self sharpen your knives with the rod that came with your kitchen butcher block? How long did they actually stay sharp? If your answer is not long enough, enter a whetstone sharpener. Your knives and tools will stay as sharp as new for years to come.

Sharp knife cutting rare steak. Whetstone sharpening.

Save Money Over the Lifetime of Your Knife

A good, chef quality kitchen can start at $500. So can your salon shears. Or your electric garden tools. At a price tag like this, how long do you imagine keeping your tool? Well, imagine doubling the life of your tool and saving money in the process. All this is possible by regularly maintaining your blade with a professional whetstone sharpener. Instead of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase a new knives and shears periodically, you can schedule a regular, convenient sharpening from the master sharpener at Lamar Sharpening.

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