The Best Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Blade Sharpening in NC

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. -Abraham Lincoln

You care about the quality of the snow cones you serve your shaved ice clients. The perfect snow cone has a distinct, air texture that melts once it hits the tongue. A dull cutting blade in the machine will affect the quality of your shaved ice. The ice will begin to get chunky, uneven and begin lacking the airy quality that snow cones are famous for. The difference between a satisfied customer and a grump customer can be attributed to the sharpness of your blade. Snow cone machine blades need regular sharpening to ensure a consistent texture and granule size. If you are working working a dull snow cone machine blade, you need a professional sharpener that works around your schedule.  You need Lamar Sharpening. We will pick up your machine blades, sharpen or repair them and promptly return as good as new.

What We Sharpen

At Lamar Sharpening, we specialize in shaved ice and snow cone blade sharpening. Many people think that a snow cone blade cannot be sharpened and throw it out when it gets dull. These people are losing money and missing out on years of use! Snow cone machine blades can be sharpened around 7-10 times and will save you money throughout the lifetime of your machine. If the texture and consistency of your shaved ice is not to your satisfaction, you most likely have dull blades, please contact us or call us at (336) 380-2087 to setup a sharpening.

Our Sharpening Prices

Item Size Price
Snow Cone Machine Blade n/a up to $5.00
Volume discounts available.

Why Choose Lamar Sharpening?

Serving Burlington NC and surrounding areas, we will come to your home or place of business, pick up your snow cone machine blades and promptly return them sharpened. Our Master Sharpener is licensed and certified in the state of North Carolina. When sharpening, we only sharpen your blades with the freehand whetstone technique. This technique means every one of your shaved ice machine blades gets sharpened by hand. This does take a little longer, but it means that your clippers will be as sharp as when they were new (maybe even sharper). A freehand sharpened snow cone blade will give you the perfect snow cone texture and consistency.

If you are in need of having your snow cone machine blades professionally sharpened, contact us today by calling our office at (336) 380-2087.

Contact us to setup a sharpening or free demonstration.

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