Lamar Sharpening is the premier knife and shear whetstone sharpener in North Carolina.

I’d like to send out a thank you to my customers .

I also want to thank them for having the patience and understanding with me on the turn around times on my services.

This year has been challenging due to medical issues.

It has been tough but knowing I’m letting down people who have entrusted me with their valuable (sentimentally or monetarily) possessions is the toughest. I do treat each one as if my Grandparents had left it to me. For many, that is the actual case.

I am now up and working on your knives. Thank You for the kind thoughts and wishes. I will be in the forge, drop by for a glass of Sweet Tea.

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The Lamar Sharpening Guarantee

Every blade sharpened receives a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty from our licensed and insured Master Sharpener.

We only freehand sharpen on whetstones; no grinders or machinery. The craftsmanship we promise is only achieved through the delicate touch of our Master Sharpener.

Learn the techniques and time-tested methods to sharpening from our certified Master Sharpener. By the end of our class, you will even have a handmade knife that you fashioned to take home!

Our clients repeatedly tell us that we did the impossible by bringing back a knife that had irreparable damage (or so they thought!). We stand by our results—see for yourself.

About Robert Lamar, Master Sharpener

Robert Lamar is the premier Master Sharpener in North Carolina. He is certified by a majority of scissor and blade manufacturers and is setting the standard for professional whetstone sharpeners.

Robert Lamar Headshot
Robert Lamar, Master Sharpener

It started back on Uncle Fuzzy’s porch with a pedal grinding wheel, and now we specialize in shears, knives, blades and anything with a sharp edge. Now, With a combined 20 years of experience and education,  along with memberships of the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners guild and National BladeSmith Associates, I have become a Master Sharpener and Bladesmith.

As our company has grown, we  have fine-tuned our skills to perfect our sharpening craft on traditional whetstones. Our commitment to our customers is total satisfaction. We continue to guarantee our work by backing up our skills with a lifetime warranty and continue to  further our education and understanding of our industry while preserving our heritage in hand sharpening.

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