Professional Shear Sharpening in Burlington NC

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. -Abraham Lincoln

You pride yourself in your work. Your clients trust that you will make them look like their best self. What happens when you have dull shears? It begins to pull your client’s hair, giving them an uncomfortable experience and less-than-professional haircut. If your shears are dull, we will come to you, professionally sharpen your shears and return them promptly. Contact the shear sharpening experts at Lamar Sharpening today by contacting us or calling (336) 380-2087.

What We Sharpen

At Lamar Sharpening, we sharpen nearly anything with a blade. Our specialties are listed below, but please contact us or call us at(336) 380-2087 if you have a tool that’s not listed.

Our Sharpening Prices

Item Price
Beveled Edge, Barber Scissors $15.00
Convex Scissors $25.00
Thinning Scissors $20.00
Razors, Straight Edge $20.00
Clippers $8.00
Damaged Scissor Repair (add-on) $4.00
Bumper and Finger Rest Replacement $2.50
Adjust Set (part of Sharpening) Free
Item Price
Beveled Edge, Barber Scissors $15.00

Why Choose Lamar Sharpening?

Serving Burlington NC and surrounding areas, our professional shear sharpener is certified by most major shear and scissor brands. When you call us, we will come to your home or salon, pick up your shears and promptly return them tested and sharpened. Our Master Sharpener is licensed in the state of North Carolina which means he is the best you can get. When sharpening, we only sharpen your shears with the freehand whetstone technique. This technique means every one of your edges gets sharpened by hand. This does take a little longer, but it means that your shears will be as sharp as when they were new (maybe even sharper). A freehand sharpened shear will mean you can give the highest quality haircut in town.

If you are in need of having your shears professionally sharpened, contact us today by calling our office at (336) 380-2087.

Contact us to setup a sharpening or free demonstration.

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